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Care and Maintenance

Due to the resilient surface of the new finish there is no need to use abrasive cleansers. Any household liquid detergent will give excellent results. To remove stains, use a mild detergent solution such as liquid bowl or tub and tile cleaner.

All organic coatings must cure. They start to cure from the time of application for a total of approximately fifteen 15 days unless otherwise stated. Please use caution for the first 5 days after work has been completed. We are not responsible for slips and falls!

Never bathe pets in or lay soap or bottles on the finish for long periods of time and never any metal bottles or cans.

Leaking faucets MUST always be repaired before our arrival or no warranty will be honored if left un-repaired. Damage from water drips will result in a service charge to return to fix after service is completed.

Never use abrasive cleansers or bleach. No SOS pads – No Comet, Ajax or Soft Scrub. Abrasives and bleach will scratch, dull, stain or discolor the new surface.

Never use suction bath mats. An SRS install is highly recommended and is available at no extra cost.

Any surface dust will dissipate in 3-4 weeks with normal cleaning and usage, do not pick surface dust off with finger.

We recommend wiping down fixture after each use and clean with suggested cleaners once a month or as needed. You don’t have to wipe completely dry. High drains or low areas where water puddles MUST be dried up after each use.

Caulk around tub before using. Please allow up to 36 hrs for caulk seal to cure. Always keep caulk maintained.

Here are some non-abrasive cleaners to use. We Highly Recommend Dawn Dish Detergent! Others can be used also: Lysol Basin & Tile Cleaner, Dow Scrubbing Bubbles, Mr. Clean (liquid or eraser), Fantastic, Kaboom or any other liquid detergent tub and tile cleaner.

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