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Before We Arrive

Before we arrive. Please read carefully.

1. Running water at the unit is an absolute necessity. We must have running water at all tubs and bathroom sinks. We do not use cleaning buckets we need actual running water. Please inspect all faucets for drips to completely shut off. Have repaired or replaced before scheduled date. If you plan on changing the plumbing and trim please do before our arrival. If you wish to install after refinishing consult with technician. We will need faucet handle parts to operate for cleaning and prep.

2. We must have adequate and properly functioning climate control. Heating for the winter time and air conditioning for the summer time. This helps ensure the new finish will cure properly, also VERY important for proper application.

3. Jobsite must have functioning receptacles and lights. Permanent lights must be installed in the area where resurfacing is to be completed. Receptacles must operate properly for our equipment to run correctly. We cannot perform our process with construction lights and drop cords!

4. Our process is an HVLP spray-on application. There is a likelhood of foreign debris in the finish. We strive to provide the best finish possible. The cleaner our environment the cleaner the new finish. We need to be scheduled closest to the end of the project as possible. All drywall hanging, finishing, sanding and painting should be complete. All flooring should be installed and finished. Any and all ceramic tile set, grouted, dust wiped and clean. This helps us with dust and debris control. Please be aware we have to mask off to do our process so expect paint touch-ups after completion.

5. Due to the strong odor we should be the only trade scheduled to work on the job site for our scheduled days, especially directly in our work areas. Please wait to schedule other trades for 24 hours after our service is completed

6. Items that should be completed when we are finished. Any toilets closer than 12 inches to the tub will need to be installed after our service is complete. If already installed then will need to be pulled. Any glass shower doors, caulking or silicone around the tub should be completed after resurfacing.

7. We must have adequate parking and access to the job site. There’s a lot of heavy equipment we must load and unload. Please be available to give us access to the property at the scheduled time and date or provide a lockbox code.

8. There will be an upcharge a $50 to work in a high-rise building. We must have access to elevators as well as carts to haul our equipment and tools.

9. Payment terms must be agreed upon prior to our arrival. New customers are required to pay immediately upon completion of project. Please be available to inspect work and render payment. Out of town property owners must provide a post-dated check for the completed date.

10. Please notify us within 5 business days to reschedule if needed. Please be aware if needing to reschedule we are usually booked out 3 weeks to a month.

11. Cancellations. Please advise us within 5 business days for cancellation. Any deposit provided will not be a full refund and any and all special order materials will be deducted. Any cancellation not provided within 5 business days the entire deposit will be forfeited.

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