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Bathtub Refinishing

Glaze Pro Provides expert Bathtub Refinishing in the following areas of Pensacola FL, Mobile AL, Baldwin County AL & nearby areas.

We can save you 80% or more vs. tear out & replacement.

What are the types of bathtubs that Glaze Pro refinishes?

What is Bathtub refinishing?

Bathtub refinishing is a process where the enamel on the bathtub is worn, discolored or a color that is out-of-date is restored to a newer easier to clean finish. This method, as explained later below, can be done on all types of surfaces. Porcelain, steel, fiberglass, acrylic, cultured marble, Vikrell and plastic mobile home tubs can be refinished.

What are the types of bathtubs that Glaze Pro resurfaces?

Contemporary bathtubs.

Contemporary bathtubs are surrounded by 2 or 3 walls that are not one piece with a tile or prefab type of surround. They have a front and sometimes a side skirt. Though most commonly these types of fixtures are made of cast iron they can be constructed with steel, cultured marble or any other substrate type.

Glaze Pro is on of the best bathtub refinisher on Porch.

Enclosures bathtub/shower stall.

Enclosures are one piece stand up units that have a skirt, 3 surrounding walls and sometimes a dome overhead. They are most commonly one piece but can also be installed as components in some newer construction. They can be made of fiberglass which is most common, acrylic, Vikrell, plastic or cultured marble.

Claw Foot or Pedestal Tub

Our apologies Glaze Pro does not offer shop or mobile reglazing of antique claw-foot or pedestal tubs at this time. We only service footed bathtubs in a shop. We also do not offer on job site refinishing of these units due to previous refinishing, accessibility to all sides of the fixture and faucet/shower head issues.

Our Bathtub refinishing procedure explained: Tub Reglazing

Our first step is to remove the caulking/silicone & surface debris from the fixture.

Any coating from a previous restoration is removed chemically with a non-methylene chloride coating remover. Glaze Pro does not use methylene chloride products in your home or business!

We deep-clean using our 3-step surface preparation process then a damage inspection is done.

All remaining moisture is dried and all surface repairs are made.

After the surface is dry and repairs are made we mask off the entire area to be resurfaced. We only want spray on your surface to be refinished, nothing else!

Once masking and drops are laid we chemical neutralize the surface.

Once this step is completed we set up the ventilation equipment to extract overspray and fumes from the items to be resurfaced.

Next, our chemical coupling agent is applied. Our bonding agent is applied to a properly prepared substrate which creates a permanent molecular bond with the finish coat, making it impossible for moisture to penetrate between the new glaze and original surface. Glaze Pro has an excellent track record with no failures allowing us to provide a 5-year warranty!

Next, our high gloss aliphatic urethane UV resistant finish coat is applied. Our finish coat is a true UVA 70% solids high gloss aliphatic urethane. It has incredible flexibility, excellent adhesion, superior gloss retention and is UV, chemical, and graffiti resistant. Our coating produces a deep, rich, smooth high gloss finish.

Our bathtub refinishing method receives a lot of scrutiny from local and regional competitors. We refuse to boast how our procedure is superior to other methods. We let our customer reviews, track record, and reputation for delivering a lasting quality product speak for itself! Why settle with the cheapest bidder that will most likely result in a prematurely delaminated finish when you are already saving 80% or more versus replacement? It only costs a little more to have a lot better so why consider going the cheapest? Refinishing is a skilled profession that takes many years to learn and master! Choose wisely. Choose our solid reputation, experience and our commitment to quality!

Refinishing bathtubs in the following areas: Pensacola FL, Mobile AL, Baldwin County AL & nearby areas

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